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Lithium Demand


Electric vehicle (EV) and grid energy storage from solar and wind power are becoming a huge demand driver for lithium-ion batteries and the need for more lithium production.

With the US producing less than 2% of the world’s lithium, the US government has designated Lithium (LI) as a “Critical Mineral” of strategic importance to the Nation’s economic and national security. The policy of the US Government is to reduce the Nation’s vulnerability to disruptions in the supply chain of critical minerals. The “Critical Mineral” designation favors domestic sources of lithium that offer a secure, reliable source of supply. The size of the premier resource that is being explored by Falcon Ridge Lithium has the potential to significantly impact the supply of lithium that is produced in the United States.

There is a race underway among the United States, China, Europe and other major powers for supremacy over minerals that could help countries achieve economic and technological dominance for decades to come.

A World Bank report estimate that by 2050 demand for lithium will increase by 965%.

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