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Our Source and Process

 Sue Slaughter, Ford Motors purchasing director for supply chain sustainability. “We really want to force the industries that we’re buying materials from to make sure that they’re doing it in a responsible way. As an industry, we are going to be buying so much of these materials that we can have significant power to leverage that situation very strongly. And we intend to do that.”

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Lithium Extraction

Our Metallic Brine Water Extraction Process

Lithium is extracted from metallic brine water, locked in aquifers below the earths upper layer, and then processed utilizing Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE). This is done without major land and environmental disturbances, allowing for a much more environmentally friendly extraction process. After lithium is extracted from the metallic brine water along with other impurities, Falcon Ridge Lithium will be able to return filtered water back to the source, therein helping to replenish a cleaner water source for generations to come.


The overall foot print for our lithium  mining and extraction utilizing our Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) process is significantly less than traditional large evaporation ponds, which are used throughout the world.  


Hard-rock lithium mining operations contribute to significant land disturbances along with impacts on groundwater, wildlife, vegetation, and air quality. Large amounts of sulfuric acid are required in hard rock lithium processing.


This along with the millions of cubic yards of mining waste loaded with discharge from sulfuric acid treatment and other environmentally toxic elements, puts this process in conflict with the green energy directives and objectives of the EV industry.


     Our Source
           Lithium Valley
        Salton Sea,  California


Natural Metallic Brine Aquifers Locked Below the Earths Surface

  Containing the Largest Lithium Resource in North America

Our Process

An Environmentally Friendly Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) that          Returns Lithium Free Brine Back into the Aquifers.

Our New Green DLE Facility will only Require 100 Acres, a Small Fraction of the Space Required for Conventional Lithium Brine Processing and Hard Rock Lithium Processing, both of which Require Thousands of Acres.

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